3 DIY Hamster Water Bottles You Can Make at Home (With Pictures)

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One of the most fun parts about owning a hamster is designing, decorating, and building the enclosure. There are dozens of different ways to assemble and customize your hamster’s home. One way to add a personal touch and save money is by creating your very own DIY hamster water bottle. Hamster water bottles continue to rise in price, along with everything else. Some hamster water bottles found in stores are made with questionable materials that might not be great for your hamster in the long run. You can avoid some of these pitfalls by quickly and easily making your own waterer.

Here are three do-it-yourself hamster water bottles that you can build at home today. These ideas come with plans, material lists, and brief descriptions to help get you started on your next project.


The 3 DIY Hamster Water Bottle Ideas

1. DIY Marble Water Bottle

Materials:Water bottle, ½” drill bit, marble

This handy video will guide you step by step on how to create your very own do-it-yourself (DIY) waterer for your hamster friend. It uses a drill to create a precise hole that will fit a marble into the cap of a water bottle. The marble trick is similar to how store-bought waterers work. The marble keeps the water in the bottle but also moves, which allows the water to come out when your hamster presses on it with its nose or licks it. Marbles can be found cheaply at a number of local stores. If you buy a pack of marbles, it is very easy to make numerous DIY water bottles; just make sure that your drill bit fits the size of the marbles that you are using.

2. DIY Water Bottle Using a Pen

Materials:Pen, bottle, tiny plastic ball, popsicle sticks
Tools:Pliers, file, drill

This video will walk you through building a basic water bottle using a pen, a small plastic ball, and a bottle. Take the pen apart and insert the plastic ball into the tip. Cut the pen into a smaller section. Poke or drill a hole in the bottle cap and insert the pen into the hole in the lid. Fill the bottle and attach it to the lid, making sure it fits snugly and that there are no leaks. Once you are sure that your bottle is not leaking and that your hamster can get water from the opening, use popsicle sticks to build a stand for the bottle. This is a very simple, affordable, and easy design to complete at home.

3. Bottle Brush Waterer

Diy hamster water bottle
Image Credit: Supernaturale
Materials:Water bottle, bottle brush

This clever water bottle design uses a simple bottle brush to create a DIY water stopper. Instead of sourcing a rubber stopper, you use a bottle brush. The bottle brush will allow water to drip down to your hamster when they need a drink. You need to ensure that the bottle brush fits snuggly in the hole and that it does not leak. Depending on what kind of bottle brush you use, you might need to try a few different size holes to ensure that there is a tight fit. If you use a simple plastic water bottle, you can easily get multiple to try to make sure that the final product will work for you and your hamster.


Make Sure to Check Your DIY Water Bottle Regularly

You will want to ensure that your DIY water bottle is working properly after you make it. The two main issues with DIY water bottles for hamsters are water that does not flow properly and water that flows too freely. You want to test your water bottle to ensure that the water is coming out appropriately so your hamster can drink from it effectively. You also want to make sure that your DIY water bottle is not dripping or leaking. A leaking water bottle can leave your cage wet and your hamster without necessary fluids. Since you are making these water bottles yourself, there is some room for error that could leave your creation not working as intended.

Can Hamsters Drink from Bowls?

Yes. Hamsters can absolutely drink from water bowls. You do not need to use a water bottle if you don’t want to. In fact, you can use a number of shallow bowls or dishes to create your own DIY water bowl at home. However, water bowls do have some negative tradeoffs compared to water bottles that you should be aware of.

hamster drinking from water bowl
Image Credit: Kinga P, Shutterstock

Hamster Water Bowls vs. Water Bottles

Water bowls are simple to install and easy to fill. However, they have a few drawbacks compared to water bottles. Water bowls can get debris in them, like shavings and loose food. Hamsters can also accidentally dump their water bowl if they are running around. Lastly, hamsters can accidentally poop in their water bowl. That means water bowls will need to be cleaned more often than water bottles.

Water bottles are harder to fill as they require you to detach the bottle from the cage and fill it up. Water bottles can also drip and cause a wet spot in the cage that can get gross. Water bottles can be left unattended for longer, so they are better if you are going to go on a short trip and leave your hamsters behind. Water bottles are generally cleaner than water bowls.

The main tradeoff between water bottles and water bowls is cleanliness for convenience. Water bowls are more convenient to deal with, but they can also get dirtier than water bottles.

How Much Water Do Hamsters Need Per Day?

Hamsters don’t need much water per day. Some hamsters hail from desert environments and are adapted for minimal water intake. The largest hamsters only need a maximum of one ounce of water per day. Smaller hamsters might only drink a third or half an ounce of water. That means that an 8-ounce bottle is large enough to hold a week’s worth of water without any trouble.

hamster drinking water in a cage
Image Credit: Sukpaiboonwat, Shutterstock



Hamster water bottles seem simple at first, but there are a number of different options you can choose from. You can use a glass mason jar, a rubber tube, or a marble to get the necessary water to your hammy. Whatever style of water bottle you want, you can find one on this list. These ideas can also be easily tweaked or customized on the fly. You can change the rubber stopper, use different tubing, or even decorate your bottles, all while saving money by using simple supplies many people have lying around the house.

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