Chou2 Pharma’s Chill Oil Review: Effective Cannabinoid Treatment for Dogs

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In today’s fast-paced world, dogs, much like their human counterparts, are subject to the stress and anxieties life can throw their way. Finding a reliable, natural, and health-conscious solution to relieve our furry friends’ stress has become more than a necessity. Whether as a training aid, or a more immediate relief.

Enter Chou2 Pharma’s Chill Oil, one of the most promising contenders in the canine wellness industry.

Chou2 Pharma, a trusted name with a mission to enhance our pets’ lives, brings a revolutionary solution to the table – Chill Oil, a well-researched and carefully produced treatment that provides a host of benefits. Infused with cannabinoids, Chill Oil is meticulously designed to aid in anxiety relief for dogs and improve their overall health.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deeply into the characteristics and advantages of Chou2 Pharma’s Chill Oil. We will uncover all there is to know about this product, its significance, and its role in managing your dog’s anxiety and well-being.

Introducing Chou2 Pharma Chill Oil

CBD Oil - Chou2 Pharma

Chou2 is the best CBD I’ve tried, not only are they lab tested, formed by vets and tested on humans (I find this part so funny!), but its genuinely got the interest of our pets at heart. They’re avoiding the “Full spectrum” approach and are picking and choosing the CBD aspects that most benefit our dogs – personally? I love that.

Chou2 Pharma’s Chill Oil is a meticulously formulated cannabinoid treatment designed to promote calmness and stress relief in dogs. It is a blend of carefully sourced, high-quality, natural ingredients that work in harmony with one another to support your dog’s overall health and well-being while effectively alleviating anxiety.

The CBD based Chill Oil incorporates a combination of natural ingredients to address the root causes of dog anxiety:

Cannabidiol (CBD): A non-psychoactive compound extracted from the hemp plant, CBD is known to have calming and therapeutic properties that help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and promote better sleep for dogs. And the Chou2 Chill Oil is 99.99% pure CBD oil!

As someone who uses CBD with her dogs and has tested a few, I can not only verify that CBD works (when used properly) but that it can be used to great effect in training.

chou2 2
We loved the Chou2 Oil. Lucy can be a really fussy girl, but the gentle flavor of the Chou2 Pharma oil works even for her picky palette.

How I Tested Chou2’s CBD Oil

Naturally, my trio of dogs and I tested this. So I wanted to give you the low down on exactly how that went, and what tests I performed so you can verify if this would work for you!

How It Was Administered

Prolonged use – In these instances we gave two doses a day, with food, I allowed it to soak into their raw meal to ensure it was all eaten. in the morning, it was administered orally to allow it to happen swiftly and easily!

Immediate – For this, sometimes it had a dog treat as a carrier, most biscuit style treats I allow it to soak into a little more.

Either way, we really never got any fussiness from our pups with the chou2 chill oil.

Normal weeks (prolonged use)

I use a normal, non-stressful week to take a baseline on my dogs and where their dosage should be. Because a recommended dosage isn’t necessarily what’s best for your individual dog. Historically, I’ve seen negative side affects to behavior of too much CBD, which appeared quite stressful, so I always re-baseline my dogs when we try a new CBD based product. I.e. I find the “recommended dosage” for their size and weight, and then I slowly introduce the CBD at 10% for a few doses, 25%, then 50%, 75% and 100%. so that I can see what the impact is! I found that the 100% was fine for my dogs, and that it does!

We found it had a good effect on relaxation, allowing the hounds (particularly) to unwind quicker and more effectively and increase their tolerance.

July 4th (prolonged use)

One of Chou2’s biggest claims is that it can help ease anxiety around fireworks – and to a lot of pet parents that might sound like a dream.
To those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been working on Shelby’s fear of fireworks for a while, and we have some dips and some regression (which is pretty normal) but overall, she’s way better than she’s ever been.
So, with July 4th happening, I decided we’d prep her up and give her a 5 day coverage for the event with CBD – because we’d actually planned on going out to watch the fireworks with the neighbours.
I set up my camera, and I let the fireworks happen, had one eye on Shelby, and one eye on the fireworks – and she snoozed straight on through with minimal signs of anxiety – which I loved!

This came from my camera in the living room which I used to watch Shelby during july 4th, as you can see? She’s sleeping soundly.

Goat emergency care (immediate)

I’ll save you the details, but under veterinary advice we used this to help keep the goat calm whilst we did what we needed to do to help fix him. Whilst I’m not sure this would be something you’ll be replicating (I pray!), it’s just another way that we tested it.

Large Storms (Immediate)

2023 has had some wicked storms, with rain, and wind and thunder. Indie’s always been fine with storms, except for recently because of the sheer magnitude of them. So, I tried to use some of this when I knew the biggest one of the year was coming – and it was to good effect.

Indie has never needed a full dosage, and in this instance we used a 50% dosage for him in this instance, and it allowed us to make training progress! Which is great.

What I Love About Chou2 Pharma’s Chill

As a professional trainer who understands my dogs to a higher degree, I will say that testing this CBD oil has been incredibly interesting to see the positive effects and variance.

It Works & It’s Well Tested.

I know this sounds like a strange thing to praise, but when it comes to the world of “calming aids” most of them don’t.

For example, valerian root? Nah, or “hemp” stuff that’s not CBD, or ashwaganda? Nope. But CBD? CBD works.

Because it works, it does need proper regulation, so much like the dog training industry, you really do need to opt for controls that have been opted for, like lab testing! Which Chou2 does and shows you the Certificate of Analysis for every product to give you the peace of mind that their products are exactly what you’re expecting them to be.

chou2 5
The treats all went down really well too!

Natural Ingredients

We’re passionate raw feeders in this house. It’s a natural concoction packed with beneficial ingredients like Cannabidiol, Fish Oil, and MCT Oil. The Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil enhance health, skin, and coat. MCT Oil boosts energy and brain function. Free from grains (which is great for DCM), soy, and harsh chemicals, ‘Chill’ champions an all-natural, safe approach towards ensuring our furry companions’ health and happiness – which I love.

Works for fussy pups

Having a selective eater like Lucy with a nose that’s basically the ferari of dog noses can be quite a challenge. It turns out that ‘Chill’ oil fits the bill nicely for us though. It doesn’t have an overpowering scent or flavor that may have made Lucy turn her nose up. Instead, it meshes well with her meals, earning a paws-up for not making her food objectionable. In essence, it’s a win-win: Lucy gets all the benefits and I know I don’t have to worry about a wasted dinner.

Normal Night
Normal Night
A Night’s sleep with CBD

Improved Sleep

During the week’s testing, one of the most interesting things I observed whilst doing these tests, was that we seen an improvement in sleep.

Please don’t get me wrong, my dogs are firmly within good limits (because I ensure they are!) but this decreased how many interruptions they experienced in their night’s sleep — which is quite impressive in my opinion! Sure it was only one or two less interruptions, but when this happened consistently? I was really impressed to see the data reflect what I thought I was seeing visibly.

And well slept dogs are so much easier to work with.

Covered by some insurance providers

several insurers are now extending coverage to encompass items like ‘Chill’ oil. Historically, pet insurance focused on issues related to accidents and illnesses. However, this shift towards embracing products promoting preventative care and overall wellness marks a significant development. This aspect enables owners to invest more feasibly in their pets’ health, reducing out-of-pocket costs – why not ask your vet next time you chat to them!

What I Don’t Love About Chou2 Pharma’s Chill

There’s not a lot to feel discouraged about with Chou2’s Chill oil, it’s a good quality product, but, there are drawbacks to everything and I like to make sure you’re aware of them so that we get you the most appropriate product for you.

Doesn’t have an extra strength

With big dogs, it means we have to give significant amounts, and some competitors do offer that extra strength (i.e. a 600mg or a 1200mg) so that you can give less and it makes it more affordable for big dog parents. However, I have spoken to their development teams and this is in the works!

chou2 1
The pipette

Dropper doesn’t have measurements on it

The reasoning for this is that they haven’t found a dropper with printed numbers on that doesn’t affect the formula. The included dropper does have indicators within the glass, but these are for 0.25ml, but it’s hard to see on a quick glance. Chou2 Pharma do include a more specific dropper for accurate measurements, so I counted how many drops the specific dropper gave and made sure I counted the same amount for feedings and testings.

They Have A Range Of Treats Too

Because our dogs are fed once a day, I was having to dose a treat or a cracker to ensure my dogs got their morning dose – however – Chou2 also do the Comfort and Digest treats that are also CBD based – which on the mornings I was rushing definitely took the pressure off!

chou2 3

Do I Recommend Chou2 Pharma’s Chill Oil?

I really do! Particularly for medium and small breeds as it’s cost-effective and high quality, and it’s third party tested (please only buy third party tested CBD!). It’s a solid product which has had all the appropriate research and development, and consequently is being very widely supported across the industry.

For met? It’s a phenomenal, natural choice for effective anxiety reduction.

Want to Chou2’s Chill formula? Go to their website – I can’t wait to hear from you as to how much you love this too!

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